About Ann Arbor Nutrition and Kyle RDN

Kyle Parker is a Registered Dietitian (RDN) with over 2 decades of experience in nutrition care.  Kyle brings a strong understanding of therapeutic nutrition into a clear focus when determining your personal nutrition goals. Nutrition  information is evolving daily.  Her knowledge and expertise will help guide you towards a clear and focused path towards your goals.   Kyle’s clinical nutrition background, as well as her extensive culinary skills will assist you in learning and enjoying healthy nutrition habits that will last a life time.   Kyle’s knowledge of therapeutic and sports nutrition will take out the guess work and confusion about how to eat and meet your nutrition and fitness goals. 


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I have read every book, tried every program and point system and was so discouraged and confused by the information and whether I should be eating carbs only, protein only, local only, organic only etc...that I quit trying. Kyle got me to slow down and start thinking through why I eat the way I eat and developed menu'...Read More

Amy M.