Have you had a Zoodle?

newsI am probably one of the few persons that does not like or eat zucchini. My view on this bland little vegetable has changed since I have a new KitchenAid Spiralizer attachment. Spiralizing is a new trend that is growing fast in the food preparation field. You can make Zoodles, a pasta like noodle using a hand-crank device or by upgrading to an attachment for your Kitchen Aid mixer, yes I never used that little attachment spot either. Zoodles or any other firm vegetable or fruit can be turned into noodles of different widths to be used in place of regular noodles in any dish of your liking. Many folks are doing this to lower their carbohydrate, gluten or calorie intake. Spiralizing is a great method to add more vegetables or fruits to your daily intake. By replacing 2 cups of pasta with the equal amount of Zoodles you have increased your intake of potassium and vitamin A substantially while decreasing your calorie intake by 322 calories. This is a great way to trim up your dish to promote weight loss. As I have worked with clients it is obvious that more emphasis needs to be on eating more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide natural vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber. These are important in reducing inflammation, promote recovery from exercise or physical labor and play a role in disease prevention. Having fun with foods and getting in the kitchen especially with your kids is a wonderful way to begin eating more healthfully and passing on good food habits. My son recently helped me spiralize a large plate of zucchini and carrots for our family dinner of Pho. He enjoyed seeing the long zoodles appear. Caution is needed when using the device as it is a tool with sharp blades. Supervision and care is required. I suggest that you try a hand crank Spiralizer to start and have fun experimenting with new fruits and vegetables in a few of your favorite recipes. Check out my recipe for Sausage and Bean Ragout using Zoodles in place of pasta. Hope you give Sprializing a try and enjoy good food and good health! Kyle

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