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I knew I needed to eat better and live healthier, and also that I needed help. Kyle walked me through the whole process and came up with a plan that I could not only live with, but also enjoy. I'm eating healthy, not starving myself, and very much enjoying it. PLUS I LOST 45LBS IN 6 MONTHS!! It is a win win!

We are going on 7 years and I haven't gained a pound. Wow!

--- Don Prior

I have read every book, tried every program and point system and was so discouraged and confused by the information and whether I should be eating carbs only, protein only, local only, organic only etc...that I quit trying. Kyle got me to slow down and start thinking through why I eat the way I eat and developed menu's for me that fit my lifestyle while also teaching me how to sustain a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. She helps with your body and your brain...she will save you from the nonsense and be there when you need support.

--- Amy M.

As an athlete, knowing about nutrition and the right things to put into my body is instrumental to my success. Every time we had a session, she came prepared with great information that helped me lose fifteen pounds by making only minimal changes to my diet, and helped me feel more energetic and alert throughout the day. I highly recommend Kyle Bunton to anyone interested in being more healthy.

--- Omari R.

Thank you for the recipe. I truly appreciate the time you put in to helping me get on track with my diet and exercise program. Your meal suggestions and recipes were a big help, and they are now a part of my daily meal plan. I have learned to like things that I never thought I would, like eggplant. Huh. Who would have thought. In the few meetings we had, I have learned a lot about my food choices and portion sizes. I lost eight pounds in about 10 weeks and was never hungry, and I really enjoy my new food choices. I know with a little more exercise, I will be well on my way. Thank you too, for all of the ideas of how to get more exercise into my day. You have really helped me get and stay on track. You have become a good friend. I hope we can keep in touch by e-mail every once in a while, or I will probably see you sometime over the summer. I will let you know how I am doing as I continue to work on getting back into those cute capris I still have in my drawer. thanks again.

--- Vicky Y.

I came to Kyle to improve my nutrition for myself and for my family. Not only did I gain a wealth of knowledge on how to feed my family better, but I lost inches, I sleep more soundly, and my running race times have improved. I am 37 with three children and have never felt more fit in my life.

--- Krissy K.

I have worked with Kyle for over 15 years in a clinical setting. Kyle has helped thousands of patients achieve attainable nutrition goals - from simplified weight management strategies to complex therapeutic regimens for various clinical conditions. Her experience provides the foundation for your success. She has a vast understanding of nutrition and can change your life in a few hours with her expertise. She will inspire you to create synergy with your physical training and motivate you to apply practical healthy eating habits to improve your quality of life and feel like a million bucks.

--- LM, SDL

Kyle's approach to nutrition and weight loss is a breath of fresh air! I've tried numerous diets and weight loss plans that have always left me hungry and feeling deprived. Kyle put together a food strategy for me that is healthy, flavorful, and keeps me full. For once, I feel like I'm able to make a lifestyle change, not just a tempory change in diet. Thanks to the tools Kyle has given me, I've lost my first 15 pounds- here's to the next 15!

--- Kathy K.

Working with Kyle has really helped me reshape my thoughts around food. I used to think that in order lose weight you had to deprive yourself of certain foods -- that's not the case at all. Kyle has introduced me to new options and flavors, which has opened up a new world for me. These options not only help me lose weight (50 pounds so far!), but help me live a healthier lifestyle, which is even more important. Kyle is great at listening to what your food triggers are and helping you find ways to deal with them. For me, having some "go to" recipes on hand that are quick and satisfying is key. She's given me great tools that I'll be able to use for the rest of my life.

--- Kathy

My wife and I have tried all the popular diets over the years. We would lose weight on a short term basis and then gain it back. We both accepted that fact that we needed professional guidance with any new attempt at weight loss. Through the recommendation of a friend who was a client of Kyle and has had excellent results, Sonja and I became clients as well.
Kyle developed individual programs for each of us and with her guidance, suggested menus, and handouts we learned how we can eat our favorite foods and still remain within our individualised programs. The weight is coming off just as Kyle said it would and we feel great.
Ray & Sonja


Kyle, thought you would want to know that I went to my doctor, who I’ve known for 20 years, for a routine checkup this morning. He was doing back flips on my weight, blood pressure and pulse! You have my sincerest gratitude. Let’s keep going!

--- Greg

Thanks to Kyle, I no longer have to pay the "fat tax" at retail stores...that extra $10 to $15 dollar mark up for plus size clothes.

I recently ordered a pair of shorts. I took a chance and ordered a smaller size based on my new measurements. When the shorts arrived, I held them up and thought "these will not fit -- they are too small.' I tried them on and they fit perfectly. A great feeling and I owe it Kyle.

I had been working out fairly regularly for several years before I met Kyle. After 6 months on Kyle's plan for me (combined with my regular workout regiment, I was at an all time low weight with more energy and confidence than I've had in years.

--- Pat

Have you ever tried to diet to lose weight? I have tried dieting since I was sixteen. During a diet, you give up food, grumble and just “hold on”. I’ve been so hungry on diets that I wondered if tree bark was good to eat. I’ve shed pounds, but somehow during busy or stressful periods in my life the pounds reappear. The last weight gain was 50 pounds over 10 years. My family’s medical history includes diabetes so keeping my weight down is critical to my long-term health.

Kyle has taught me that dieting is not a way of life. Changing the way you eat is.

This is the first diet where I have not been constantly hungry. In fact most of the time I feel fairly satisfied. I’ve lost 15 of the 50 pounds I’m working on. The weight continues to come off each week.

Kyle has made the process fun. We started with the good nutrition of the diabetes plans, but Kyle brings in many ideas for new foods and recipes. I’m a “foodie” who loves to try out new food, but I’m married to a man who likes basic American foods. Kyle has helped us both change our way of life with review and suggestions for both. She has worked with us step by step to bring us to a new way of life.

If my struggles are sound like your, ask Kyle for help. I hope you’ll find a new healthier life like my husband Dave and I have.

--- Susan Hares

I gained weight after turning 30 and starting an office job. I tried dieting, but it just didn’t work for me. I knew I struggled with portion sizes, but no fad diet I tried was sustainable. I am so glad I reached out to Kyle for a new way forward! She taught me about portion sizes and healthy eating, but the best part was the menus. Kyle tailors a healthy menu to your likes and dislikes. I was amazed at how quickly I lost weight during the first month, without ever feeling hungry or deprived. Kyle found the healthy foods that I like and built menus around those. I couldn’t recommend Kyle’s services more!!

--- Mathew