Marijuana Grower Security Risks Are Getting Worse By The Day

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Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there? This rather prescient quote from the 2020 film Joker underscored the rising chaos in society following the tumultuous year that saw a pandemic, mass protests, and a highly contentious political season. The echoes of that fateful year are still being felt two years on, ….  Read More

Is Green Pest Control A Thing?

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We here at Anne Arbor are very into “going green” in pretty much everything we do. Sustainable farming methods, sustainable energy production, reusable bags, electric vehicles – whatever can be done to protect the environment globally or locally, we’re all about it! One thing you may not expect to find us talking about is the ….  Read More

Protection For Your Cannabis Crop

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With the decriminalization of cannabis over the last decade, advocates from all over the country believed that the days of dying over the plant might finally be over. As time has borne out, they were unfortunately too optimistic. Last week alone, three people in Washington state were killed during or directly after a robbery involving ….  Read More

The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of CBD

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Many consumers today are familiar with THC, a psychoactive ingredient seen in the marijuana plant. It is the cannabinoid that gets folks high. However, there is another component in the plant that has excellent health benefits; that ingredient is cannabidiol or CBD. It is a naturally occurring substance obtained from hemp-derived cannabis. Given that this ….  Read More

The Benefits of CBD for Athletes

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The popularity of CBD is rising in the sports world, and justifiably so. CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, or what is more commonly known as THC, the chief substance that induces the feeling of “high” while one is consuming cannabis.  CBD oil is mainly used to bring about positive improvements in the health and ….  Read More